Young shutterbug to host debut exhibition

A budding photographer is looking forward to hosting his first exhibition in Mount Gambier.

Allendale East Area School Year 11 student Luke Bald will host his first photography exhibition at Bay Blue Espresso Bar from November 13 until December 12.

Mr Bald said he was excited for the upcoming exhibition which based on trucks, cars and motorbikes.

“I think it will be 10 images with a contrast of colour and black and white images,” he said.

“My favourite photo so far would be my poster image of a blue Chevy Bel Air I took in May this year, it came up really well and looks cool even in black and white.”

The display is part of the teenager’s major assignment for stage two photography.

“I am doing year 12 photography (Stage 2) in Year 11 which has been a challenge, but I have really enjoyed it,” he said.

“I am the only person doing stage two photography at school, so it is one on one.

“I have had Sarah Stratford as my photography teacher for the last three or four years, so she has been really supportive and motivates me to do my best.

“We have more time to talk through things, work stuff out and we can bounce ideas off each other more often which helps me improve,” he said.

Luke said the community had been supportive of his passion for photography.

‘I advertised my exhibition on social media and within less than a week I have had people share it, comment on there and message me which has been encouraging,” he said.

“I did not expect to receive the response I have so far especially after only sharing one announcement about the event.

“Hopefully there is a good turnout on the opening afternoon at 1:30pm on November 13, but if people do not get the chance to attend on that day they can still visit later on during the month.”

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