Charity wins big in MGNA

The 13th round of the Mount Gambier Netball Association (MGNA) season saw the league raise funds towards a local foundation dedicated to epilepsy advocacy.

A total of $3090 was raised for Ella’s Purple Promise over the weekend, in addition the MGNA’s regular round of matches.

In the top ranks of the association, A grade matches brought  two close games.

Vicis and Amazons took to the courts with both sides missing players, with the game pitched to come down to the wire as the winner would go into the finals.

However, a nail-biting finish saw the match end in a 26-26 draw, with Vicis’ Jessica Grigg and Eliza Harding, and Amazons’ Rebeca Northcott and Jodie Farrell the standout players of the game.

Intruders and Saints had another close game with Intruders having more control and accuracy.

Slippery conditions caused a few problems with the wind allowing for any soft passes to be picked off.

Intruders, however, were too strong and came away with a good win, 40-19.

Kate Biszko and Lauren  Cutting were the standout performers for Intruders, alongside Saints’ Rhiannon Christian  and Annabelle Lockwood.

Hobitz and Zodiacs finished off the round in a game that was always going to be a tough one for the ladies in blue and gold, up against the league leaders who were playing a strong and consistent game.

Hobitz came away with a convincing win, 78-14, with highlight performances from Suzanne Crowe and Sammy Crute.

In the other top division, the A2 teams had a mixture of results, with Hobitz having a good battle against Saints in a match that ended 41-26 in the former’s favour, while Intruders had a strong win over Zodiacs, 48-14.

 Meanwhile, in the B1 divi- sion, Amazons went down 31-36  against Intruders Black, in a game where all players needed to control the ball and ensure  they shot well while dealing with rain and wind.

Hobitz Red and Intruders  Orange fought, with the experience of Intruders Orange showing in their attack, but the pace  of Hobitz Red was dominant through the mid court and in their goal ring.

Hobitz Red ended the match the winner, scoring 45 to Intruders Orange’s 35.

In the final B1 match, Zodiacs beat Hobitz Blue 36-32.

B2 games were a mix, with a close match between Vicis and Saints, which ended Vicis 26-31 Saints, whereas Zodiacs had a great game and a good win against Intruders, with the latter scoring 53 to Intruders’ 27.

Hobitz Red had a good win over Saints in the Under 17s, beating them 60-16, as Intruders came close to Hobitz  Blue, in a match that ended 19-33.

Meanwhile, the Under 15s competition saw three great games played as netballers combatted the conditions early.

Close games were played by each team with the players working hard to keep warm.

Zodiacs Gold took on Vicis in a close match that ended 22-19 in the former’s favour, with a closer match played between Saints and Intruders, which ended 24-25 in favour of Intruders.

In the final match of the round for the Under 15s, Zodiacs Blue beat Hobitz 38-23.

Matches within the Under 13As this week gave spectators a close game between Saints and Hobitz, which ended 14-11 in favour of Hobitz, while the game between Zodiacs and Vicis was a little more one sided.

Zodiacs finished that match ahead with a score of 22-5.

The Under 13B young stars took to the courts with chilly winds and rain threatening to come down, but this did not dampen their enthusiasm to get onto the courts.

Hobitz Blue beat Hobitz Red 13-4, Zodiacs lost 21-0 to Amazons, and Intruders beat Vicis 15-3.

No matches were played between the Go or Set teams due to the weather.

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